We act as the Personal Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for a select group of successful business owners and tech entrepreneurs approaching a liquidity event to help them make smart decisions with their money

We have a 5-Step Collaborative Process and do a case study to help address each of these areas of concern:

• Preserving your wealth

• Mitigating taxes

• Ensuring your assets aren't unjustly taken

• Transferring to heirs and others

• Maximizing charitable giving and planning

We have endeavored to assemble an expert team of some of the best minds in accounting, legal and tax. As alumni of KPMG and Wharton, we have a strong network to leverage and an ability to identify some of the best in class for a comprehensive wealth management approach. Our process helps to sort out whether it makes sense to work with your existing providers, or if someone else may have a bigger impact for you.


This all begins with a Discovery Meeting. This is an in depth consultation that helps us identify where you're at, where you want to go, and identify any gaps that may exist.


We have a small number of clients and don’t decide to work with anyone until after having three in depth exploratory meetings. This relieves the pressure and helps us to focus on what is most important—you.

The assets we manage for you are held by an independent third-party custodian in your name, not in an AG Asset Advisory account. The custodian safeguards your assets, executes the investment transactions that we recommend, and sends out your regular statements independently. In this relationship, we have no access to withdraw your money.

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